Subject Information

Titan Aston Academy always tries to provide a student with a court of study that they may have a particular interest in. Below are some of the other courses we have been able to offer as a result of student interest/ request.

Titan Aston Academy offers a balanced curriculum, which is underpinned by exceptional teaching to ensure all learners are: Offered a variety of subjects, taught the right course at the right level, provided with a range of experiences and activities, fully prepared for exams, prepared for the world of work and future study, challenged, stimulated and supported to achieve the best that they can.

TAA engages pupils through: Dynamic teaching, collaborative working, stimulating experiences, effective feedback and accurate assessment.

We provide a broad curriculum relevant to young people’s needs in the 21st century. In all year groups emphasis is placed on the acquisition of skills, attitudes and knowledge which provide the basis for future study and success at work. We have high expectations and challenge all students to become independent learners who can take responsibility for their own work. Our curriculum design ensures that all students are: exposed to a depth and breadth of experience, provided with information, knowledge and understanding and encouraged to develop multiple skills and intelligences.

Areas of study

  • Maths
  • English
  • Science
  • Religious Studies
  • Art
  • Music
  • PSHE
  • Food Technology
  • Careers
  • PE
  • Community Project
  • Drama

Students also have the chance to complete various AQA awards which is part of the mentoring programme we offer at Titan Aston Academy.

Students can also complete various courses on Educare such as safeguarding, food and hygiene, health and safety and many more. Once each course is completed, a certificate is awarded upon completion.

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